Saturday, May 6, 2023

General Fitz-John Porter

George McClellan said Porter “was probably the best general officer I had under me. He had excellent ability, sound judgment, and all the instincts of a soldier…He was one of the coolest and most imperturbable men in danger whom I have ever known.”

Porter graduated from West Point in 1845 and fought in the Mexican War at Veracruz, Cerro Gordo, and Molino del Rey, among other battles. From 1849 to 1853, he served as a cavalry and artillery instructor at West Point.

Porter’s troops were in the thick of the fighting throughout the Seven Days Campaigns. His men often formed the rear guard, protecting McClellan’s retreat. Porter set up the defenses at Malvern Hill and, along with his artillery officer, Henry Hunt, placed the guns that did their deadly work cutting up Lee’s army.

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