Monday, July 3, 2017

Book Review: Brain Fart by Peter Hollins (It's not what you think)

An interesting look at a phenomenon that afflicts everyone. Whether it comes out of your brain or the other end - it can be embarrassing. Peter Hollins takes a fascinating look at the dilemma by examining how our brains work (or don't work). Suffice it to say; there's a lot of science involved. However, not to worry. The author delivers it in slow, easily digestible bites.

Here's a peek inside at a few scientific tidbits you will pick up along the way.

  1. It should come as no surprise, two of our biggest influences are the people around us and where we find ourselves. If you are in a scary house on a stormy night with a total weenie - plan ahead. Bring a Change of undies!
  2. Going back to number one, peer pressure is everything. If someone hands you a dollar bill and everyone else tells you it is a twenty, the odds are you are going to agree with them. Remember that first joint you smoked in your college dorm? Common sense told you not to do it, but you could not say no because everyone else was doing it. It goes back to your parent's question if everyone else jumped off a steep cliff, would you? Correct answer: Maybe.
  3. As long as something appears to make sense, our brains tend to gloss over the details. Sure there is a little oil on the ground under that used car, but that body is so sweet. The same goes for that girl with the big breasts and the creepy laugh. Looks trump laughter.
  4. Advertisers and salespeople prey on your emotions. Tell me it ain't so.
I will not give away any more details.

Rest assured it is a quick, easy read. I do not think it will help prevent those thousand and one brain farts I have every day. It may help me understand why they occur.

That is good enough for me.